We The ITensity Team, always work SCRUM way. That means we involve one person from client’s side to play the role of the Product Owner in our process. Our cooperation starts from project meetings that are essential to understanding customer’s visions and needs to work out solutions that drive business vision from project vision.


We believe that transparency and communication are key factors in building good software. You can always get in touch with the development team via your project’s chat room on Slack.


We use project management system (Jira). You can monitor progress on a daily basis and review the latest version of the project online at any time on the staging server.


We adapt to changing requirements of the project as well as to changing environment. We find Retrospective as one of the key meetings during the Sprint.

Quality is a key ...

We care about the process but that doesn’t mean we don’t put value on other things. We also care about code quality, testing and more!

Code Quality

  • We use feature branches and Pull Requests to document our work on a specific feature so each line of a code we produce is checked by another developer from the team.

Product Quality

  • Our testers verify all functionalities to spot all potential issues before you do. Moreover we automatise as much work as we can to remove any bugs from our software.

Relations Quality

  • You get an entire „team experience” package, including Scrum Master mentoring, testing, best practices suggestions and more at no additional cost.